New sneakers alert: Nike Air Unlimited

New sneakers alert: Nike Air Unlimited

Nike Air Unlimited

Nike Air Unlimited, the new sneakers by Nike. According to Nike, they will appear soon in  the stores. Will this be the new hype?

NikeLab’s predictable approach of fashioning its Retro models with tonal leather uppers and solid white outsoles isn’t stopping anytime soon. These new sneakers mainly do resemble the known predecessor “Huaraches”. Only the soles a lot thicker and are these sneakers cover your ankles. They are released in various colors (as you could already see the top photo duhh). We will most likely this season period mainly get to see dark colors.

Is this Nikes new recipe to success ..? hmm ..

The Nike Air Unlimited is considered one of the Nike Basketball design. Whether this is a new hype is going to be the question, we saw the Huaraches enjoy a long time their spotlight but how long will it going to take for this variation?

In the picture below u see the ‘Purple Smoke’ and ‘Noble Red ” variations. The release date of these sneakers are not known at the Nike site.


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