Breezy back at it again with a great outfit

Breezy back at it again with a great outfit

C.Breezy back at it again

We all saw the great music video of Chris Brown also known as breezy named “Zero”.

He is a hit factory that never stops releasing hits that smash charts and rock worlds. “Zero” is a hit song in the lineage of the great songs he delivers. It was a pre-release from his latest album titled Loyalty. This was great news for everyone who is aware that his daughter is named Royalty.

This song was dedicated for that ex who is still sticking around hoping that things could perhaps go back to the way they used to be. Especially one who left a great responsibility. The nerve to even think that things could be repaired after breaking a heart is exactly what Brown gives “zero” cares about.


Did u loved the outfit of  Chris Brown he weared in “Zero” as much as we do? We figured out where u can buy the outfit yourself down below:

Distressed T-shirt: Custom made

Grey skinny jeans: Zara €50

Air Jordan 11LAB4 red patent sneakers: BasketZone €445 (other sneakers that look like this for less then €160 are avaible at jdsports and footlocker)

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