New sneaker alert: Stan Smith zipper Y-3

New sneaker alert: Stan Smith zipper Y-3
October 18, 2016 david

New sneaker alert: Stan Smith zipper Y-3

Adidas has recently made several variants of popular sneakers. So we all know the Ultra Boost, NMD and Tubular variants, but when it comes to the sneaker which the longest is sold in stores, the stan smith remain the king. This time, Adidas has a brand new variant: the “Stan Smith zipper Y-3”.

So everyone has seen the sneakers of Pharrell Williams, Raf Simons and Stan Smith in the last years. And now we are faced with the Y-3 treatment. For this release, the Y-3 totally renewed, so this sneaker is now at the top a striking silver zipper. The nice thing about the zipper is that you actually can use it. You can include your laces zips off. Low Stan Smith’s traditional rubber sole will continue as we know it.

Want to see more about these sneakers? Press here.

Adidas hasnt announced the release date yet.

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